Postage Options

Sleeping Beauty’s Pantry uses the services of Australia Post for all deliveries and products are dispatched on Tuesdays with delivery times varying from 1-3 days depending on locations.

It is not our goal to make money out of postage so what Australia Post charges us we pass on to the customer with no extra costs.

Australia Post Pricing
3kg box and express satchel - $17.05
5kg box and express satchel - $27.50

Prices include Australia Post Insurance for up to $100 worth of products.

Examples of what product combinations fit in each size box.

Large Jar = Pickled Onions
Small Jar = Jams, chutneys, jellies, preserves.
Bottle = Cordials, sauces, syrups.

3kg Box Combinations
- 2 large jars and 1 small jar.
- 3 bottles
- 4 small jars
- 3 small jars and 1 bottle

5kg Box Combinations
- 7 small jars and 1 bottle
- 3 large jars and 4 small jars
- 3 large jars and 2 bottles
- 2 large jars, 1 bottle and 4 small jars
- 6 small jars and 2 bottles
- 2 large jars, 1 bottle and 4 small jars
- 2 bottles, 2 large jars and 2 small jars
- 5 small jars, 1 large jar and 1 bottle

Because our products are heavy in weight the 5kg box is the most economical choice. Get together with friends or family, fill a box and save on postage.

For Gift Hampers please contact us for more details.

Unfortunately due to the nature of our products and food health and safety we cannot exchange or refund on any products due to the customer changing their mind. Please choose carefully when purchasing.


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